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“Voodoo Village”

“Voodoo Village” is a place that most Memphians know about. Located at the intersection of Mary Angela Road and Shelby Drive, Voodoo Village has had its number of visitors over the years. There are stories that have been passed around about what has been seen– some say someone has chased them, some say their cars have ended up stopping on the road and some say they have been screamed at. The big question about Voodoo Village seems to be whether this place is haunted or not. Some swear that it is, others say people there are practicing witchcraft, and there are also those who believe that the people of Voodoo Village are spiritual healers and just want to be left alone. All I’m certain of is that I don’t want to get chased by a man waving a baseball bat in the air, although I do think it would be interesting to see the truth of this fascinating place revealed.

What do you think?

Click here to see a relatively recent video from WREG News Channel 3 of Memphis.