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Tour Haunted Memphis! (Map included.)

So, I’ve taken the time to put together a map of some of Memphis’ most talked about supposedly “haunted” places and all five just so happen to be within about a 20 minute radius. You can definitely partake on this tour alone, but I’d recommend on bringing a friend. (I know I would.) You will most likely not have to shell out any cash (I’m not sure if you can just go inside The Orpheum at any time or if you have to buy a ticket for something in order to enter.) unless you have a few beers at Ernestine & Hazel’s. (You might need more than a few by the time you get there.) If you’re not spooked by the fifth place, you really have some guts!

1.) The Orpheum Theatre- This place has been open since 1928. It’s a beautiful and historic part of downtown Memphis and has hosted many great concerts and plays over its 85 years. The story is that it’s haunted by a ghost named Mary, who was hit by a car and killed just outside of the theatre. Some say that her favorite seat is still to this day not rented out to anyone (C-5?)  and word is that she usually chills out there.

2.) Brister Hall @ The University of Memphis- Brister Hall (attached to Wilder Tower) at U of M is one of the oldest buildings on campus and used to be a library. The story is that a student got murdered in the library and the murderer was never caught so now the spirit of the student roams around the building, screaming for help. Brister Hall is now mainly used for student testing (like the ALECKS that we all know and love. Ha.) and its main floor is home to the Heritage Room, a place that holds a collection of U of M Memorabilia, some dating back to nearly 100 years ago.

3.) Ernestine & Hazel’s- Located in the South Main Historic Arts District in downtown Memphis, Ernestine & Hazel’s is a pretty popular spot today. Back in the day, it served as a bar and the upstairs operated as a small hotel. Rumor has it that the place was once a brothel, as well. Many claim this place to be one of the most haunted places in Memphis. I found some guys who went and researched E & H for themselves. Click here to read about Rich and Mike and what they found when they investigated the paranormal activity. (I love their blog! :))

4.) The National Ornamental Metal Museum- So I already have a post on this place, but I think it’s so great and definitely worth visiting. (I would recommend going later in the evening, maybe after dark. As you can tell by my pictures in my last post, I went during the day and didn’t really see anything out of the ordinary..)

5.) “Voodoo Village”- I’ve also already done a post over Voodoo Village. At this point, after all of the research I have done, I’m not even sure if there is anything haunted happening here. I do, however, think there is something that is definitely out of the ordinary going on. I don’t think I will ever get the guts to go myself, but I’m still putting it on this list. (Mainly because it’s freaking Voodoo Village!) It’s on Mary Angela Road. I think you’ll know once you get there…