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The National Ornamental Metal Museum (With pictures!)

I visited The National Ornamental Metal Museum for the first time this past Sunday. Prior to actually going, I did a bit of research on it and talked to a few people. Word is it’s pretty haunted. From what I’ve gathered and seen myself, there is the museum part itself, (which has been renovated and is where you go to see the art) a smaller building to the left of the museum portion and a larger building to the right, which is what I hear is the most “haunted.” (Most of my pictures focus on this building, however, as you can see by looking at them, it is very seriously blocked off so you cannot enter.) It was a bright and blue-skied day and I did not see any abnormal activities. I can only imagine what that place is like at night, though! Yikes. Anyways, here are the pictures so you all can see for yourselves. Enjoy!Image